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OUR MISSION is to equip, train and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ so that the Gospel can be preached to all nations.

We train disciples to become disciplemakers. Through our ministry, we found that church evangelism and bible-based counseling go hand-to-hand. Currently, we are working with churches in Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and the USA. We are mobilizing believers to evangelize the lost and disciple believers multidimensionally .

Pastor, do you feel like you are doing ministry by yourself?

Are you thinking about giving up?

Would you like to empower and mobilize your whole church to evangelize and share God's love in a practical way?

Would you like to build connections with churches in different areas of the world?


Churches that embark on a journey with us are experiencing renewal and growth. We mobilize the disciples and create opportunities for them to practice what they are learning. As a result, lives are been saved, churches are being renewed and growing, pastors are being revitalized, new evangelistic bible studies are being started. Individuals, families and communities are being transformed by the power of the Gospel. 

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