Mission Connex develops Christian leaders to have a devotion to prayer, to personally share the Gospel, to develop discipling relationships through bible studies, to start new churches, to exercise compassion to those in need, and trains existing churches and organizations to practice the same. 

Whom We Serve

Existing churches

New Churches before and after their starting

Network of churches

How We Serve
1. Provide an evangelism effectiveness assessment either to you or your organization.
2. Provide a process that results in the mobilization of your organization.
3. Provide accountability or communication throughout the process (1 to 3 years).
4. Provide connections to resources (financial, material, human, and training).
5. To help you reach a minimum of 50 families per week with compassion and grace initiatives and with the door-to-door sharing of the gospel effectively 
6. To help you replicate your action to other places in the country and abroad.

What We Expect
1. That you and your organization implement the agreed-upon process.
2. To maintain a healthy relationship with the staff of Missions Connex.
3. To lead your church or organization to participate in your weekly evangelism.
4. That you will lead evangelistic bible studies yourself.


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